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Smothers Brothers – 02 – Quando Caliente El Sol

May 7, 2010 by Theresa  
Filed under Romantic Love

The Smothers Brothers with the Boston Pops from the mid 80s.

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25 Responses to “Smothers Brothers – 02 – Quando Caliente El Sol”
  1. ntatalzinho says:

    fenomenal, maranhilhosos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,amei

  2. squishibuns says:

    I’m interested in buying a DVD of this show. Can anyone tell me the name of this particular performance. I only want the performance of the Smothers Brothers with the Boston Pops. Thanks!

  3. SlipFlip says:

    I’m looking for this as well!

  4. SlipFlip says:

    I think it’s When the sun shines on the beach…

  5. Maestrojosh87 says:

    They did this song when I saw them in Peekskill (much to my glee and delight). However, they hadn’t done “Boil that Cabbage Down” which spawns the whole “Take it naked bacon” joke from this routine. So Tommy Smothers said something different, and I forgot what it was (I foolishly said “Take it naked bacon” under my breath).

  6. DasGoldenBoy says:

    I think Tommy said “Take it Dickey Smothers” when I saw them do this. Naked Bacon is hilarious

  7. Birdboy029 says:


  8. janmarbol says:

    hahahah i was just a child and i remember this!!!!

  9. djbo75 says:

    This is soooooooo funny. I can’t stop looking for these guys. Their hilarious. Poor wandering one is awsome too. Boil that cabbage down gets stuck in my head while I’m working, Their timing is tremendous. This is old time genuine talent.

  10. djbo75 says:

    Still hilarious.

  11. BradAliciaBrown says:

    Had this on VHS for years.. aired on PBS back in the 80′s. Have never been able to locate it.. PBS was very little help.. This is such an incredible program.. followed up by Mason Williams on the guitar. Wow.

  12. nr1osfan says:

    Check out Barbara Bush at or around .15 when they start singing!!

  13. Mojodoodle says:

    The best straight man and moron in the biz. Very funny.

  14. divebomber93 says:

    I am 16 and I love this stuff.

  15. LadyBeth24 says:

    lol you cant stop laughing…at all

  16. pokslow says:

    What incredible talent ! Used to tickle me all the time when watching them on Malaysian TV and i was only 6 or 7 years old then

  17. CronosGuy says:

    heh! I’m 17 and I find this stuff more amusing as well!

  18. gnrrrg says:

    Take it, naked bacon!

  19. ms18ins says:

    first heard these guys on Xm radio classic comedy

  20. cradio says:

    eu quase morro de rir com esses caras

  21. Calempaine says:

    Not laughing is just not an option here :D

  22. lettermen1 says:

    Why oh why did they wreck and ruin this beautiful song???? Fine fine comedy.

  23. dsbeabrsb says:

    ….the piano player told me to…

  24. th3badg3r says:

    Rarely have I found any comedian to even compare with these guys, much less another duo. Classic.

  25. omenwolfe says:

    O man, If you don’t find this hilarious then you simply don’t understand comedy!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

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